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The X1 set, combined with the suspension systems from the renowned Rock Shox company, provides maximum user comfort in challenging conditions.

Made of stainless steel grade 316

Powder coating available in a variety of RAL colors

Strong and damage-resistant construction made of material with a thickness of up to 5 mm

The full set, depending on the customer’s needs, includes:

Powder-coated aluminum riser base with dimensions of 150 x 270 x 500 (height / width / length)

X1 set with pressure and rebound speed adjustment.

Dimensions: 280 / 270 / 260 (three-stage height adjustment) x 270 x 300

60-degree swivel base or a 360-degree swivel slider.

Dimensions: 50 x 170 x 170.

Dedicated RIB EVO Seat with reinforced and modified construction.

boat suspension module


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