About Us
Power seats Company

Our Mission

Power Seats Company is a brand founded in 2020, from the beginning of its operation, it has been constantly developed and gaining new markets to now produce modern seats for the Marine industry.

Our mission is to introduce modern products for the Marine industry to the European market, while taking care to use raw materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible.


Hundreds of satisfied customers

Our products are successfully sold in many European countries

Bump tests

The most important thing is quality, due to the attention to detail, each batch of manufactured seats undergoes internal impact tests

Great team

Our team consists of people associated with the yachting industry for years

New projects and technologies

Every day we try to introduce new, more advanced technical solutions


Our offer
Power Seats Company

What we offer

  • Modern products designed for vessels
  • Wholesale and retail sale of seating for customers all over Europe
  • We offer technical support in the selection of seats at the construction stage of the unit
  • Individual, personalized products for your shipyard