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Raising Base – How To Raise A Boat Seat?

Is your boat seat too low for your height? Do you want to raise it to a proper level? Raised boat seats are the solution! But a one-size-fits-all concept is long outdated. How to raise a boat seat? You will simply need to purchase an X1 suspension module and a matching raising base to install it on.

The base will allow the whole construction to be firmly fixed to the boat deck. At the same time, it adds an extra height and raises the seat permanently. Then, you can adjust the seat further using the X1 suspension module. In certain, limited cases, the raising base is sufficient for the entire raised boat seats process.

Thanks to the raising base boat seats can rest on a stable construction and provide the user with a wide array of benefits such as:

  • Enhanced Shock Absorption
  • Comfortable Adjustment
  • Durability
  • Improved Stability
  • Easy Installation

Challenging conditions during your trips are not a challenge anymore, thanks to the raising base boat seats are equipped with.

Raising Base For Boat Seats – Product Details

Dimensions: 150 x 270 x 500 (height/width/length)

Material: stainless steel grade 316

Finish: powder-coated (available in various RAL colors)

Additional Information

  1. The raising base can be used separately as a standalone product to raise the height of your boat seat. Alternatively, you can combine it with the X1 set to further increase the overall height.
  2. This product is available with full customization options, allowing you to order it in any desired dimensions to perfectly fit your boat.

Raised boat seats are a direct interference in the boat construction. It is imperative to consult an expert in the field to avoid mistakes and receive appropriately tailored solutions that will allow the customer to benefit from the installed improvement. It is advisable to delegate the work on the equipment installation to a trusted contractor. Only in such a way can you ensure your raised boat seats will be safe, comfortable, and fully functional.

Contact our customer service for more information, specific requirements, and custom-made products.

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